Preview – A House Through Time

A House Through Time

David Olusoga returns for the third season of the BBC documentary series, A House Through Time as he explores the lives and histories of the residents of Number 10 Guinea street. From a middle-class solicitor turned mayor to a former servant trapped in an abusive relationship, David’s investigations yield interesting and often controversial discoveries.

This week focuses on the house’s history at the height of the Victorian era starting with a family feud between the Holbrooks which flares up after a death at sea uncovers a rift between father and daughter. David follows the story of the latter, Anne, as she marries clergyman James Poulson nearly a decade later – but lies and scandal follow closely behind and spell devastating consequences for the Holbrooks. David goes on to look at a local solicitor’s rise to power amidst violent protests and civil unrest which sees Bristol burn. The episode closes with the tragic stories of Hester Gray – a servant whose hopes for a new life are dashed by domestic violence – and William Martin, whose promising academic career is cut short after he is admitted to a local asylum.

A House Through Time – Tuesday 9:00pm on BBC Two.