Preview: A League of Their Own: US Road Trip 2.0

Jack Whitehall

The boys’ epic road trip takes them to the new home of the LA Rams. And while they excitedly predict a manly rematch of last series’ dramatic field-goal kicking contest, what lies in store couldn’t be more different.

James, Jack, Jamie and Freddie will be performing, pom poms and all, with the LA Rams cheerleaders in front of an American football crowd of 91,000. Four hours of training begin with Freddie pulling down Jack’s shorts and end with Jamie still clueless as to the choreography. And when, the costumes for the performances are revealed, Jamie’s day gets even worse.

Having shaken their booties in front of thousands, it’s time get the testosterone pumping again. For their next challenge, Freddie, Jack and Jamie leave James behind and head north to a strict training centre for American firefighters. There’s bickering, stitch-ups and sulking as they learn to suit up in 60 seconds, drag the hose and tackle car blazes, all in the blistering heat.

Points are at stake as the day’s training culminates in a dramatic rescue mission.

Under pressure, Jack makes a life-or-death mistake, but how will it affect the scoreboard?

A League of Their Own: US Road Trip 2.0 – Monday at 9.00 on Sky 1 & NOW TV.