Preview – A League of Their Own

Jamie Redknapp, Jack Whitehall, Andrew Flintoff and James Corden

The boys are back. Jamie Redknapp, Jack Whitehall and Andrew Flintoff once again embark on a series of challenges with James Corden as they travel from LA to New York. Filled with boyish pranks – no sun creamed back will go unscathed – the men are set 12 hilarious challenges. But the pressure is on; the overall looser must take to the stage and perform in a New York drag club.

Tonight Jamie is injured in a hot dog eating competition, the boys get to reenact Baywatch as they train with the Californian State Lifeguards and a heated volleyball competition sets Jack and Jamie against James and Flintoff.

A League of Their Own, Saturday, 9 pm – Sky One

Image: Sky