Film of the day – A Walk Among Tombstones


Liam Neeson returns to the silver screen as, well, what can only be described as the archetypal Neeson character now, with 2014’s A Walk Among the Tombstones. Neeson plays former New York cop- turned private investigator Matt Scudder and is supported by a cast including David Harbor, Dan Stevens and Laura Birn. The film is directed by Scott Frank.

After his latest client – a well-connected drug dealer who operates on the streets of New York City – orders Matt Scudder to investigate the disappearance and horrific murder of his wife, the private investigator must delve into the murky grey area between lawfulness and criminality. As he investigates the case it becomes clear that this isn’t an isolated incident and won’t be the last of its kind either, with the killers following a similar modus operandi in each of their crimes, preying upon relatives of drug traffickers like Scudder’s client. Scudder and his new allies; his clients and homeless teenager TJ, must race against time if they are to stop the killers before their grotesque dreams of a city-wide tragedy can be realised.


A Walk Among the Tombstones  – Friday at 10.00pm on Sony Channel.