Preview – Aberfan: The Fight for Justice

Huw Edwards in BBC documentary Aberfan: The Fight for Justice

This Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster, when a coal colliery spoil tip collapsed killing 144 locals, 116 of whom where children.

In one of many programmes this week covering the anniversary, The Fight for Justice, presented by Huw Edwards, looks at the local’s battle for justice, detailing and re-enacting a tribunal that took place soon after the disaster occurred. It examined whether the disaster could have been prevented or if it was just a terrible accident, and looks at the aftermath that followed.

As well as The Fight for Justice the BBC is also broadcasting other programmes about Aberfan, mainly just for Wales but which will also be shown on BBC Four and accessible on the BBC iPlayer. These include documentary Surviving Aberfan and film poem Aberfan: The Green Hollow.

Aberfan: The Fight for Justice is on BBC One at 22.45.