Preview – After Brexit: the Battle for Europe

After Brexit
Picture Shows: Katya Adler (L) meets László Toroczkai. Image Credit: BBC/Jane McMullen

Part of the This World strand, After Brexit looks at what might happen to the European Union once the UK has finally left it.

There is certainly a lot of movement from other EU members to leave the group following our referendum. Only yesterday on her BBC Two programme, Victoria Derbyshire interviewed a Dutchman wanting an EU referendum in his country on the ground that the Netherlands would be better if it regained more of its sovereignty.

In this programme, the BBC’s Europe editor Katya Adler explores the rise of popularist Eurosceptic movements. These range from Italy’s Five Star Movement that was started by comedian Beppe Grillo and does not see itself as fitting the traditional left-right political style; to perhaps most disturbingly France’s Front National lead by Marine Le Pen, whose far-right party has a good chance of winning this year’s presidential election and perhaps trigger what has already annoyingly been referred to as a “Frexit”.

After Brexit: the Battle for Europe is on BBC Two at 21.00.