Preview – Agatha Christie’s Crooked House

Crooked House

Despite perhaps falling short of its fellow Christie-based 2017 production, Murder on the Orient Express, in terms of publicity and budget, Crooked House more than holds its own in regards to the story-telling, mystery and intrigue. Faithfully adapted from Agatha Christie’s  murder-mystery novel of the same name, the 2017 production features Glenn Close, Stephanie Martini and Gillian Anderson as the matriarch figures of the Leonides’ household, while Max Irons and Terrence Stamp take on the roles of Charles Hayward and Chief Inspector Taverner respectively.

Contacted by a young aristocratic woman he fell in love with in Cairo years before the events of the story, Charles Hayward – a young private detective with links to Scotland Yard – finds himself travelling out to the warped family estate of the Leonides family, to investigate the murder of the family patriarch, Aristide Leonides . Arriving at the house, Charles deduces that the killer must still be within the walls of the house and begins his investigation while living as a house-guest to the family. As the young detective delves deeper into conspiracies, potential motives and family loyalties, he finds himself at the centre of a web of deceit – can he deduce who is guilty before they strike again?


Agatha Christie’s Crooked House – Sunday 8:00pm on Channel 5.