Preview: Ainsley’s Good Mood Food

Ainsley’s Good Mood Food
It’s pizza on the beach with Ainsley in this toast of grains. Photo: ITV

Ainsley cooks all the foods that put a smile on your face, and puts them together in his own happy places: the kitchen and the beach. He celebrates the unsung heroes of many wonderful meals: grains and pulses.

Mediterranean food is up first with seared tuna, mixed tomato, and bean salad with an anchovy and tomato dressing. Ainsley’s milling masterclass at the beautiful Shipton Flour Mill leads to making pizza dough for an exquisite Margherita.

At the Crumpetorium, Kat makes irresistible artisan crumpets, and Ainsley cooks one of his childhood faves after a recipe from mum: Caribbean cinnamon banana fritters with chocolate sauce dip.

Ainsley’s Good Mood Food – Saturday at 11.40am on ITV