Preview: Alex Brooker: Disability and Me

Alex Brooker
Comedian Alex Brooker explores the meaning of his disability, and those of others. Photo: BBC

In this intimate and very personal documentary, The Last Leg presenter and comedian Alex Brooker revisits key moments from his past, uncovering both joyful and difficult memories.

Alex examines his disability for the first time, after years of reluctance to mention the tougher side, to acknowledge how much it impacts on his identity. He reunites with a childhood friend who has spina bifida, who challenges him to reconsider the impact of making jokes about his own disability.

We meet members of a disability helpline, members of Arsenal’s disabled supporters club, and talk to Paralympic swimmer Susie Rodgers about her life.

Alex explores what it really means to be disabled in the UK today; admitting that he knows he is out of touch with many people’s experiences, Alex comes face to face with the reality of day-to-day life for disabled Brits – from prejudice and lack of support to resilience, camaraderie and just ‘being me’.

Alex Brooker – Tuesday at 9pm on BBC Two