Preview – Alien Vs. Predator


Two giants of the sci-fi genre collide in 2004’s iconic action-thriller Alien Vs. Predator, pitting Ridley Scott’s horrific xenomorph creatures against John McTiernan’s ancient extra-terrestrial hunters, The Predators. The film stars Sanaa Lathan, Lance Henriksen and Raoul Bova.

After mysterious heat signals are detected in the desolate icy deserts of Antarctica, the head of a multinational business conglomerate, Charles Bishop Weyland, discovers an ancient pyramid structure buried beneath the ice, prompting him to assemble a team of experts to investigate the ruins. Upon arriving, the archaeologists find themselves caught in the crossfire of a ancient conflict between two species of aliens; the animalistic xenomorphs and a group of three aptly named alien hunters, the Predators.

After discovering that an alien hive – home to a colossal xenomorph queen – exists and thrives beneath the surface, the humans and predators must work side by side to avert global catastrophe and prevent the alien colony from taking to the surface and the rest of the human world.


Alien Vs. Predator – Friday 9:00pm on E4.