Preview – Alone with the In-Laws

The Reverend Kate Bottley, Chris, Stacey - Alone with the In-Laws

Meeting the parents is daunting enough, but for some soon-to-be wed couples, simply popping over for a cup of tea or an evening meal just isn’t enough time to learn about their new families. Reverend Kate Bottley is here to offer an unusual way for couples to learn more about their partner.

Bristol couple  Chris and Stacey are getting married in summer 2017.  Before they say ‘I do’ Kate wants Chris and Stacey to spend a few days living alone with their respective in-laws-to-be, in order for them to learn about their partner from the folks that know them best – the parents that raised them. Not only will this mentally prepare them for the big day, but will be an eye-opener about their partner’s expectations of married life – after all, we are a product of our parents.

Alone with the In-Laws, Thursday, 8pm – BBC Two