Preview – Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Monica and Giles - Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

From some of the world’s biggest hotels to the more unique giraffe friendly, Giles and Monica have experienced it all on their tour of the world’s most amazing hotels, discovering what it takes to work behind the lobby of hotels, in which one night would cost the same as a week’s family holiday.

Tonight Giles and Monica head to the rocky Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland that plays homage to the European settlers that arrived from Ireland and Devon to fish cod.

The pair meet founder Zita Cobb who used her small fortune to bring her dream of owning an island hotel to life. With the help of her family she has transformed the inn into a boutique retreat for guests – some of whom are worldwide celebrities.  

After their initiation into daily life at the inn, Monica and Giles both help to put on a traditional Fogo Inn ‘wedding scoff’, resulting in unexpected mummification. Above all, they tell the poignant story of the fight to revive the island through the hotel.   

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, Monday, 9pm – BBC Two