Preview – Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Giles and Monica - Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Tonight it’s the end of their journey; Giles and Monica have flown the globe giving us a sneek peek inside some of the world’s most amazing hotels. Their final stop – Sweden’s Lapland – has the pair load up with their extreme weather gear and travel 200km north of the Arctic Circle.

Settled into the icy landscape is the Icehotel – now in its 27th year – the hotel is becoming increasingly popular with those seeking a little more adventure.

Giles jumps straight in helping a team create the individually crafted rooms made from two-tonne blocks of ice, and gets ice sculpting lessons from Arne Bergh – the hotels creative vision.

Guests arrive expecting exceptional food and there to provide, is Head Chef Alex. He teaches Monica the art of using natural ingredients sourced locally and introduces her to 82 year-old Manne – whose family has been herding reindeer since the 17th century – and who provides the hotel with reindeer meat.

As Giles and Monica settle into their minus-five degree bedroom, one thing’s for sure, they’re in for a chilly night!

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, Monday, 9pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC