Preview: Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Amazing Hotels
Giles and Monica are here to help and host as we take a virtual tour of the world’s best hotels. Photo: BBC

Follow Monica Galetti and Giles Coren as they travel the world to find the kinds of hotels that go above and beyond the standard. Wherever you’re travelling, you won’t think too hard about where to lay your head. 

This episode sees Monica and Giles visit Reid’s Palace, in Madeira. It first opened to the glamorous elite of the world 130 years ago, and now it is working hard to keep its silver service tradition alive to today’s world.

There is a suite that was once enjoyed by Winston Churchill, and a historic tidal swimming pool – which could do with a few less crabs mooching about. Madeiran food is celebrated with line-fished tuna and fruity ice cream desserts known as lambayecas.

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby – Tuesday at 8pm on BBC Two