Preview: Ambulance


Cameras follow members of the North West Ambulance Service as they work to serve the 1.4 million people of Merseyside. As Storm Christoph intensifies, river levels throughout the north west of England, as well as the number of COVID-19 victims, are rising the service is at risk of being overwhelmed.

Crewmates Jo and Emily are dispatched, along with paramedic Chris, to the scene of a road traffic collision caused by the storm. During a single shift, the team treat over 290 suspected Covid-positive patients. Emily and Jo’s fifth call-out of the day is to a Covid-positive patient, and they learn that it has spread throughout the patient’s entire family.

Worsening floods force the roads to close, causing further delays in response times. Sarah and Mark are dispatched to a category one call for a patient in cardiac arrest but must make a series of diversions en route.

As Emily and Jo, Sarah and Mark are faced with increasingly difficult choices, seeing their experiences draws the impact of coronavirus into sharp focus; the value of human life has never seemed greater and the importance of those who protect it cannot be undervalued.

Ambulance – Wednesday 11pm on BBC One