Preview – Ambulance

Jo - West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Following the West Midlands Ambulance Service on a Saturday night, the crew races to Warwickshire where a young driver has a collapsed lung after a nasty car accident and, highlighting those saving lines behind the scene, call assessors Rowena and Sally urgently need ambulances to send out to suicide patients they are speaking to on the phone.

Whilst Jo and Suki are taking their patient to hospital, a car crashes in front of them, there are now, even more, patients that urgently need their help but all available ambulances have been dispatched to other patients.

As the pubs begin to close, alcohol seems to be the culprit of more and more of the calls coming in and in Birmingham city centre, a woman has had her finger bitten off at an argument at a gig.

And finally, on Sunday, a man has dislocated his knee for the fourth time over the week and is in agony and stuck at the top of some tricky stairs. But as the weekend shift draws to an end, it’s an elderly woman who lives on her own who the crew are most concerned about.

Ambulance, Thursday, 9 pm – BBC One

Image: BBC