Preview: Ambulance

Ambulance - Paul and Chelsey

We’ve applauded their courage and professionalism for the past months and here we get a fly on the wall journey through a typical shift. The weekend night shifts begin with 45 ambulance crews standing ready to help the people of Merseyside.

The first job of the night takes Chelsey and Paul to work as a backup crew for advanced paramedic Rob, who is at the scene of a road traffic accident – a car has overturned at a roundabout and the driver has fled the scene.

Eric and Emily are dispatched to treat an 83 year-old who is in a lot of pain from her back and has been waiting more than two hours for an ambulance. The night shift has already started to pick up pace leaving only four ambulances available to treat the 1.4 million people of Merseyside.

Meanwhile senior paramedic Tony is working alone tonight when he’s called to a patient who is believed to have had a fit. Tony decides the patient must go to hospital, but with no ambulances available, he and the patient are forced to begin a 40-minute wait in the cold.

In control a call is received from the police reporting that a 12 year-old has been assaulted. Eric and Emily are immediately dispatched.

The number of calls for drug and drink misuse on the busy weekend are building. Senior paramedic Tony is dispatched after a caller says they are concerned for a man who they’ve found slumped in his car in the city centre.

While en route, the driver wakes and turns on the Good Samaritan who made the call to get him help. When Tony arrives he finds the Good Samaritan is now the patient and is in the back of the ambulance needing emergency treatment following the attack. As he is being driven to the nearest major trauma centre things take a further turn for the worse.

Ambulance – Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC One.