Preview – Ambulance


We return to the West Midlands Ambulance Service tonight with a new series revealing the ups and downs of working within the ambulance service.

Katie and Sarah race to help a man who has suddenly collapsed. The call handler on the phone with his distraught wife must stay cool-headed and tell the woman and her daughter how to perform CPR.

Also, Controller Glennis has to prioritise her time between trying to help a crew who have been searching for an elderly man who has fallen in an alleyway and a high-priority call for a street brawl with reports of a man being hit with a baseball bat.

And finally, Paramedics Natalie and Nat face an agonising decision of whether to move a woman in advanced labour or face the risky prospect of delivering the baby at home knowing she has already had a stillbirth.

Ambulance, Thursday, 9 pm – BBC

Image: BBC