Preview: Amy Winehouse in Her Own Words

Amy Winehouse in Her Own Words
Ahead of her time by years, she also defined it. Photo: BBC Four

In this new documentary about the groundbreaking Amy Winehouse, the BBC has threaded together extracts of interviews over the years to allow for her own narration of her story.

From un-broadcast material including the Jazz and Soul Britannia series on BBC Four, as well as concert performances at Glastonbury and elsewhere across her career, we see how Amy Winehouse changed the landscape of modern pop culture, won countless awards, achieved critical acclaim and garnered global success.

This film celebrates Amy’s music, her influences, her challenges as an artist and her eternal brutal honesty in her own words. The programme pays homage to the tattooed rebellious rock ‘n’ roll-spirited songstress who wrote smart, sad, soulful and original pop songs that became instant classics and inspired a generation.

Amy Winehouse in Her Own Words – Saturday at 10pm on BBC Four