Preview: An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls
Finn Cole and Miranda Richardson make up the impressive ensemble. Photo: BBC/DramaRepublic

On the cusp of the First World War, the proud and rich industrialist Arthur Birling (Ken Stott) and his family sit down for a dinner to celebrate the engagement of his daughter (Chloe Pirrie), when they are interrupted by the appearance of an uninvited guest…

David Thewlis steals the show as Inspector Goole, the mysterious figure who reveals, one by one, the dark secrets each of the family members keep that may have led to the death of a young woman in the local village.

Expertly adapted from the timeless JB Priestley play, Aisling Walsh delivers a superbly directed film that is at once a thriller, a mystery, a period piece and a damning criticism of British aristocracy. The cast are a completely convincing ensemble, and each interacts with the other to make the final turns that much more engaging.

The Birling family, like the viewers, will be left scratching their heads by the end of the story; it is not one to miss.

An Inspector Calls, Thursday at 9pm on BBC Four