Preview – Arctic Live

Arctic Live on BBC 2

A new three-part documentary exploring the undiscovered wilderness of the Arctic, Kate Humble, Simon Reeve and Gordon Buchanan will be live from Hudson Bay reporting what life is really like on top of the world.

Following the journey of hundreds of polar bears and they prepare for their annual hunting trip, the team will set up base in Manitoba, a small Churchill town, where we will be able to watch as the bears wait for the ice to form ahead of their hunt.

With the rapidly melting ice caps and the rising Arctic temperatures, the documentary will highlight firsthand the effect this is having on the Arctic bears as well as bringing to light the contrasting issues over oil and fuel prices and the global impact such fuels are causing.

Tonight will see Simon travel to a far corner of Greenland that could become one of the biggest uranium mines in the world, while Kate follows Alaska’s oil money and their battle over drilling plants offshore.

Episode one, tonight from 8pm on BBC Two