Preview: Ashley Banjo: Britain in Black and White

Ashley Banjo - Britain in Black and White
Ashley Banjo examines why his anti-violence performance ignited a fierce backlash. Photo: ITV

In the summer of 2020, Ashley Banjo was thrust into the centre of public attention with his group’s anti-racist dance routine on Britain’s Got Talent. It was one of the most complained about moments in OFCOM history, but why?

Ashley says: “ I didn’t set out to become an activist but somehow here I am.”

“The first time I saw the George Floyd video, I was in bed, doing my sort of like morning Instagram scroll. I just sat there just gobsmacked at what I was seeing. I just saw my dad. We were consistently pulled over in our area as a family, you know, at least once every two weeks. It just sparked something in me.”

Ashley talks to a wide range of contributors including: Actor David Harewood, Historian David Olusoga, fellow Britain’s Got Talent Judge Alesha Dixon, one of the UK’s most respected activists, Leila Hassan Howe and comedian Jim Davidson.

Britain in Black and White – Tuesday at 9.00 pm on ITV