Preview – Six Robots & Us

Elena Margiotta, ShopBot, Franco Margiotta, Luisa Margiotta.

In the last episode, the university experts catch up with the robots delivered to different families around the UK. Watching the robots’ every move are psychologist Dr Caroline Jay and robotics specialist Professor Jonathan Rossiter. They are looking to see if the robots can complete their tasks, have humans bond with them and function outside of the lab in the real world.

In north London Kasper – a robot specially designed to help autistic children – is delivered to the Doherty family and their autistic four-year-old son Ethan.

In Edinburgh, Shopbot is delivered to the Margiotta food store and in Suffolk, Neil and Linda Bowles continue to accommodate the CareBot, an assistance robot that can issue medication reminders and even call an ambulance.

Six Robots & Us, Thursday, 8.30 pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC