Preview – Attenborough and the Giant Elephant

Attenborough and the Giant Elephant
Picture Shows: Sir David Attenborough with Jumbo's skull. Image Credit: BBC/Humble Bee Films/Vik Manchanda.

Sir David Attenborough presents this profile of the biggest elephant of his day – both in terms of size and fame.

Jumbo was African elephant who was purchased by London Zoo in 1865, and became incredibly popular. So popular, that the word “jumbo” meaning something big comes from Jumbo the elephant. He was later purchased by P.T. Barnum for his circus, and was tragically killed in a train crash.

However, while to the public he was a star, Jumbo’s life was equally tragic as his death. At night he had violent rages which his keeper tried to cure by giving him whisky.

Attenborough and the Giant Elephant is on BBC One at 21.00.