Preview – Attenborough’s Empire of Ants: Natural World

Empire of Ants

David Attenborough – a man whose voice is something of a siren song to nature lovers and casual viewers of his documentaries across the world – returns to screens with another episode in his Natural World series, this time delving deep into the Swiss Jura mountains to play detective to an evolution defying empire of ants.

The world’s most famous and well-respected nature broadcaster, David Attenborough returns to screens this week with an investigation into the extraordinary empire of ants which live beneath the soil and shrubbery of the Jura mountains in Switzerland. Now, these aren’t any old garden ant colonies or ones children collect in those little glass ant farms. No, rather, this is on another scale entirely as we discover, beneath Attenborough’s feet, is an empire that’s tunnels and chambers house over a billion ants. Despite the swathes of ants all hailing from different rival colonies, the most interesting part is that they all live in piece in a bizarre harmony which breaks many of the rules for both ants and evolution, and raises some important questions. Through winter, spring and into summer, David investigates the colony to find the answers.


Attenborough’s Empire of Ants: Natural World – Wednesday 8:00pm on BBC2.