Preview – Attenborough’s Wild City

David Attenborough

Utilising the latest in filming technology and the masterfully smooth voice of veteran broadcaster himself, Attenborough’s Wild City exposes the hidden wild in amongst the bustling streets of modern day Singapore.  In the debut episode of the new documentary series on Sky One, Attenborough and his crew explore the island’s overlooked pockets of wilderness which are home to a number of unique and interesting creatures, ranging from the flying colugo and wild boar of Pulau Ubin to the salt water crocodiles and smooth- coated otters of Sungai Buloh.

As if the innate excitement and intrigue of discovery wasn’t enough to intice even the most uninterested of television viewers, they’re also treated to an hour of soft, nigh on relaxing vocal notes, courtesy of Mr. Attenborough himself.


Attenborough’s Wild City – Monday 8:00pm on Sky One