Preview: Avenue 5

Avenue 5

No One Wants an Argument About Reality / What an Unseasonal Delight

Series 2, episode 1 & 2

Avenue 5 takes us to a not-so-distant future where space tourism is a booming business. While manning a luxury spacecraft owned by Herman Judd (Josh Gad), Captain Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie) finds himself in over his head when the ship is thrown disastrously off-course – turning what was meant to be an eight-week cruise into an eight year journey.

Picking up five months after failing to reroute the vessel, season two follows the crew – including fiery engineer Billie (Lenora Crichlow), unpredictable head of customer relations Matt (Zach Woods), and faithful righthand Iris (Suzy Nakamura) – as they struggle to lead, calm, control, and, if need be, hide from increasingly unruly passengers. On Earth, they’re lauded as heroes, and in space, everyone can hear them scream.

In the opening episode, after five long months, passengers on Avenue 5 eagerly await its imminent return to Earth. Backstage, Ryan gains the courage to tell the truth and Karen comes out of hiding to confront Frank.

Then, with the ship facing a fiery threat, Billie hatches a plan that could save some passengers; Iris makes a risky bid on Earth; Ryan finds himself in the middle of a three-way couples’ quarrel; Mia shares some shocking news with Doug.

Avenue 5

Wednesday at 10.00pm on Sky Comedy and Now.

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