Preview – Babushka


Babushka is one of the most hated TV shows right now – which is unfair given that it hasn’t even aired yet.

To explain: Babushka is currently taking the place of The Chase  in the 5pm weekday ITV quiz slot, as The Chase normally takes a bit of a break about once every six/twelve months. During this time ITV try out a new game show, and just about every time the show gets trashed by fans of The Chase. A huge number of Chase devotees went to Twitter to complain to ITV, wrongly worrying that The Chase has actually been axed permanently, when in fact it is just having a breather. Babushka’s host, Rylan Clark-Neal, has been getting so much unfair abuse he has quit Twitter for the duration of the show’s run.

Let’s at least give Babushka a fair chance before giving it any criticism that it may or may not deserve. It might be the next big hit for all we know.

Babushka is on ITV every weekday at 17.00.