Preview: Back in Time for School

Back in Time
Pupils get ready for rule breaking and plenty of beige for this 70s instalment. Photo: BBC

Students and teachers travel back in time to arrive at the 1970s, it is out with the old and in with the new as they ditch 1960s secondary modern and embrace the experimental 70s and a comprehensive.

The boys and girls finally mix, and learn about commerce and air travel and make a life-size model plane in the classroom. Health and safety was taking a back seat in this decade, and our modern class experience the highs of a trip to a motorway site, to count the passing traffic.

Meanwhile, three pupils have been detained at school for their fashionably rule-breaking long hair. They use their time to form a union, aimed at fighting back against the teachers.

In 1973, thanks to the bold demands of the Schools Action Union, this comprehensive becomes a free school – and abandoning the rules has the teachers more than a little worried!

Back in Time for School – Wednesday at 7pm on BBC Two