Preview – Back in Time for School

Back in Time for School
Picture Shows: (L-R Back Row) Mrs Gavan, Mr Charles and Dr. Turner. (L-R Middle Row) Ryan, Meredith, Lewis, Bailey, Sara Cox, Polly Russell, Georgia, Tia, Saffron aand Hayden. (L-R Front Row) Jessal, Jamie, Ife, Toby, Nina, Emily and Caitlin. Image Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Duncan Stingemore.

The latest in the Back in Time social experiment series looks at the changing role of education.

With Sara Cox presenting, we follow 15 children and 3 teachers as they look at how education has changed between the1890s and the 1980s. As well as the differences in subjects taught between the genders (rifle practice for boys, making beds for girls), there are also other troubling issues, such as left-handed pupils having hands tied to desk to force them to use their right hands, and the even more disturbing way the colonialism was dealt with at the time.

Back in Time for School is on BBC Two at 20.00.