Preview – Back in Time for Tea

Back in time for Tea 27 feb

So far this series, the Ellis family have experienced the bleak lifestyles and diets of people living in wartime Britain and have enjoyed the financial and social progress across northern England throughout the post war era into the 1960s. In this week’s episode then, the family live through a time of dramatic change in the industrial north, experiencing drastic changes both in diet and livelihood under the Thatcher government. From the humble potato pie to the sudden influx of spicy exotic delicacies, the Ellis family get a taste for “the era that taste forgot”; the 1970s.

Despite the power cuts and union strikes, life for the working classes was massively improved with the lowest wage gap between rich and poor in recorded history, allowing for a brief taste of luxury for many northern families. In what’s commonly known as the golden age of the British working class, the family enjoy canal trips, car journeys and their very own record player, prompting some quality time spent as a family.


Back in Time for Tea – Tuesday 8:00pm on BBC2