Preview – Back in Time for Tea

back in time for tea

The Ellis family approach the final years of their pseudo-time travelling experience within their Bradford. This week they experience the roaring eccentricity of the 1980s, finding the arrival of home appliances such as the telephone and the freezer revolutionary compared to the lifestyles of the eras they experienced previously in the series.

In an era of turbulence for a large majority of northern families living under the Thatcher government, Jon goes on strike from his job in the mines and with the family’s cupboards running bare they find unexpected help from a soviet food package. With the north-south divide growing with every passing week, the Ellis parents buy their own potato van, taking a stab at upstart entrepreneurialism and find the graft involved surprisingly tiring. There is however time for a bit of recreation however as the family enjoy BMX riding, dog races and a meal with celebrity chef Marcus Wareing.

By the time the 90’s comes around, the Ellises find the north back on the map because of its resurgent music scene. Celebrating the end of their time travelling journey, they gather their nearest and dearest for the final stop on the list; the turn of the millenium.


Back in Time for Tea – Tuesday 8:00pm on BBC2