Preview: Back To Life

Daisy Haggard, Richard Durden and Jamie Michie star in this black comedy. Photo: BBC

In this episode of the instant classic black comedy series, MIri’s nerves about Mandy and what has happened to John can’t be shaken – even by the world’s strongest coffee.

It gets worse when Janice reminds her that her driving test is today. Caroline and Oscar wake up to a suspiciously chipper Dom making them breakfast, and when it comes time for him to leave, he doesn’t want to.

Oscar reluctantly ropes him into helping out with the Make Hythe Clean campaign. Miri is still waiting for her driving examiner, and almost confesses to Caroline what happened the night before, but when they arrive to begin the test, Miri must put everything behind her. The whereabouts of her beloved digital pet remain unclear…

Back To Life – Tuesday at 10.35pm on BBC One