Preview – Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne live every home-owners worst nightmare as they find themselves subject to a group of obnoxiously loud frat boys who move into the house next door. Rogen and Byrne play married couple Mac and Kelly Radner respectively and share the spotlight with their “laddish” new neighbours including Zac Effron’s Teddy and his right-hand men Pete and Scoonie – played by Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz Plasse respectively.

When Mac and Kelly Radler find out that a fraternity – renowned for throwing outrageous parties – is moving in to the house next-door to them, they fear the worst. When the Radlers call the police on one of the fraternities’ parties, given that their infant daughter is struggling to sleep with the noise, the house’s leader, Teddy, declares war on them. Hazings and pranks are met with sabotage and traps as both sides refuse back down and map-cap chaos ensues when the Radlers hatch a plan to see the fraternity dissolved forever.


Bad Neighbours – Friday 9:00pm on Film 4.