Preview – Bad Samaritan

Bad Samiritan

Star of stage and screen David Tennant and Misfits’ Robert Sheehan deliver impressive performances in this 2018 thriller which follows a petty thief after he inadvertently becomes the object of a wealthy sadist’s obsession.

A pair of petty criminals, abusing their positions as valets at a high-end restaurant to rob wealthy patrons, stumble upon more than they expected during a routine burglary when one of them, Sean, finds a young woman bound in chains in a sadist’s lair. Panicking but still willing to help the girl, the two thieves unwittingly set a chain of events in motion which sees them locked in a battle of wits with the ruthless kidnapper.

Kerry Condon joins Tennant and Sheehan as the captive Katie Hopgood, while Carlito Olivero plays Sean’s partner-in-crime, Derek. Tracy Heggins and Jacqueline Byers round off the main cast.

Bad Samaritan – Thursday 6:00pm on Sky Premiere.