Preview: Bake Off: The Professionals

Bake Off: The Professionals

The search for this year’s best patisserie team in Britain continues, as Liam Charles and brand-new host Stacey Solomon welcome teams of pastry chefs hailing from establishments in Manchester, Cumbria, Wiltshire, Birmingham and London. As always, they face two days of testing challenges judged by world-class pâtissier experts Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden. It’s the semi-final, and the four remaining teams summon everything they’ve got to make it through to the final of the tantalisingly tough patisserie competition. For their first challenge, and in another first for the series, the teams must create a plated dessert for each of the judges. With no recipe to guide them, and just the ingredients and equipment before them, they draw on all their experience and teamwork to produce something that stops the judges in their tracks. For their second challenge, the teams have just five hours to recreate the Jurassic World as they construct an edible table scene inspired by the Land of the Dinosaurs. At the heart of their scene must be a large macaron cake to serve 40, along with accompanying edible elements to help bring their story to life. At the end of the challenge, the teams will have to walk the judges through their prehistoric story with a sense of wonder and, as if by magic, reveal their hidden desserts under the tough gaze of Benoit and Cherish. But which three teams will make it through to the grand finale, and who will be going home?

Bake Off: The Professionals season 5, episode 5- Tuesday at 8:00pm on Channel 4