Preview – Bare Knuckle Fight Club

Bare Knuckle Fight Club

There should be no real shock horror revelation from Channel 4 expose of the ‘hidden and shocking’ underground world of bare-knuckle fighting. This type of sport has been around for hundreds of years but has seen a resurgence in popularity of the past few years. Here a camera crew gains access to a fight club where men from all walks of life square up against each other in bloody battles.

At the heart of the Fight Club is Shaun Smith, a former enforcer in one of the UK’s biggest criminal gangs who spent time in jail before gaining notoriety as a debt collector. But now with the police watching his every move, he’s determined to make bare knuckle pay as he seeks to move on from putting on fights in working men’s clubs to launching the biggest bare knuckle fight ever seen in the UK.

Bare Knuckle Fight Club – 11.05pm on Channel 4.

Photo: Pro Co