Preview: Becoming Frida Kahlo

Becoming Frida Kahlo

Ep. 1/3 – The Making And Breaking

In a striking new three-part series, Becoming Frida Kahlo strips away the myths to reveal the real Frida – a passionate and brilliant artist living through extraordinary times.

Episode one tells the story of the young Frida growing up in a time of revolution, from her rebellious school days to an encounter with the man who would change her life – Diego Rivera, then one of the world’s most famous artists.

In 1925 a tragic accident thwarts Frida’s ambition of becoming a doctor, when a tram crashes into the bus she is travelling on, gravely injuring the teenage Kahlo. Miraculously she survives, but is confined to many lonely months recuperating, but she finds a new passion: painting.

When she finally ventures out again into Mexico City, it has become a thriving hub for artists and intellectuals from all over the world. The ambitious young Frida tracks down Rivera, and demands his opinion on her artistic potential, his words setting her upon a new path as an artist.

Fiercely independent, Frida becomes entranced by photographer and former Hollywood actress, Tina Modotti, who is living in Mexico. A politically radical and sexually liberated woman, she is a role model for the young artist. At one of Tina’s infamously raucous parties, Frida sees Diego Rivera again – and this time it’s love.

Just six months later, 22-year-old Frida Kahlo marries Diego Rivera, 20 years her senior. Although very much in love she soon discovers that life with Diego isn’t all wedded bliss; there are other women and his work always comes first.

Becoming Frida Kahlo

Friday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

Image: Alamy / Cristina Kahlo

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