Preview: Bettany Hughes’ Treasures of the World

Treasures of the World
Bettany Hughes ventures to the rock of Gibraltar to witness its secrets. Photo: Channel 4


Despite its miniature size, just 2.5 square miles, the overseas British territory of Gibraltar has had an outsized influence on much of human history, even before its occupation by Britain.

Bettany Hughes travels to the iconic rock this week and learns its history. She explores the incredible subterranean ‘Stay Behind Cave’ where Ian Fleming masterminded an incredible plot to station six men secretly, for military intelligence purposes, in the case of Nazi invasion.

Hughes attends a live dig at the mysterious Vanguards Cave to see the world’s earliest Neanderthal art – discovered in 2012. The evidence suggests they lived 10,000 years longer than previously thought. She also gets stuck in a Moorish tunnel and comes face to face with a cheeky Barbary macaque monkey.

Bettany Hughes’ Treasures of the World – Saturday at 8pm on Channel 4