Preview – Big Cats

Big cats

Maya the young panther returns to screens this week as she grows from a timid and fragile baby into a boisterous toddler. Big Cats: About the House is a BBC2 documentary series following the work and family life of Giles Clark as he aims to raise awareness and help preserve Big Cat populations across the world from his sanctuary in Kent.

This week with Maya’s increasingly mischievous antics and growing pains, the young jaguar begins to explore the house all on her own and, as he teeth begin to come through she begins to take to chewing whatever she can come by – whether that be bits of trash or her owners’ most prized possessions. In response to this new found independence, Giles builds her a climbing frame and gives her meat for the first time before trying to help her neurological condition with some hydrotherapy. Elsewhere the cameras travel to Costa Rica where Clark investigates what is happening to jaguars, and how he can help.


Big Cats – Thursday 8:00pm on BBC2.