Preview – Big Cats

Big Cats3

As the series winds down to a close, Giles Clarke and his family prepare to say their emotional goodbyes to Maya the 10 week old panther cub as she is reintegrated with the other big cats in the Kent-based sanctuary.

As Maya continues to grow and mature she begins to push the family to their breaking points, becoming territorial over her toys, biting harder and leaving destroyed furniture in her wake as she prowls the house. Despite her recent spate of growing problems, Maya’s condition has improved so much that she and Giles are invited to appear on BBC Breakfast to raise the profile of big cats around the world.

Travelling to Kenya armed with GPS tracking collars and tranquiliser darts, Giles collars a prominent female within a pride of cheetahs who needs his help, aiming to conserve the sparse populations of big cats still native in the wild. Elsewhere, Giles and his family take in 5 month old cheetah cub, Willow, who is recovering from a broken paw. As the episode comes to a close Maya and Willows health is deemed good enough for them to rejoin their big cat cousins at the sanctuary and with a few teary goodbyes, the family sees them join their respective prides.


Big Cats – Thursday 8:00pm on BBC2