Preview – Big Dreams Small Places

Monty Don with Rosie and Ian - Big Dreams Small Places

With the help of social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, we have become a nation of dreamers. Spending days scrolling through images of beautiful houses and gardens, many are taking up the challenge of turning dreary back gardens into a peaceful haven.

Monty Don is travelling the country helping amateurs do this. From back gardens that closely resemble a tip, to grass that has become so overgrown that calling it a ‘nature garden’ just won’t cut it. This week Monty’s helping two couples transform their rubble-filled gardens into an area of tranquility.

In north London, Ian and Rose have recently moved into their new basement home and have dreams of turning their back yard into a wildlife-friendly space but, as the garden is currently a building site, they’ve called upon Monty to help them turn their dream into a reality. Surrounded by four large trees, natural light is limited so Monty has a real challenge to set the couple on the right path.

Further north in Stockport, Manchester Jo and Steve’s garden is in no better state. Due to an extension the couple are undergoing, their garden is a dump. Living busy lives and spending lot of time working away from home, the couple long for a place to relax and get away from the daily grind. Jo has rather lavish ideas about her dream space while Steve is a little more pragmatic, can Monty be the voice of reason?

Big Dreams Small Spaces, Friday, 7pm – BBC Two