Preview: Big in the Valleys

Preview: Big in the Valleys
BBC/Sundog Pictures/Izzy Fonseca

People in the UK are now bigger than anywhere else in Europe, and Blaenau Gwent has some of the highest obesity rates in Wales, as well as the highest concentration of takeaways in the UK. Despite this, a group of young people from the Welsh Valleys are determined not to let their size get in the way of pursuing their dreams. 17-year-old Trinity is a comfort eater who dreams of being a tattoo artist. She’s overweight, but her boyfriend Luke says he likes her curvy. 22-year-old Rhian is happy being big, but suffers from psoriatic arthritis, which has reduced the mobility in some of her joints and has been advised by her doctor that she needs to lose weight. Meanwhile 22-year-old Nathaniel is trying to make it as a rap artist but is worried he won’t get taken seriously because of his size. He’s quit his job to pursue his dream but spends a lot of time partying with his crew.

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Image Credit: BBC/Sundog Pictures/Izzy Fonseca