Preview: Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero

Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey dons the full explorer look to start his journey, fit with Indy hat. Photo: BBC

Join the one and only Bill Bailey as he follows the footsteps of his naturalist idol, Alfred Wallace, a Victorian who revolutionised biology, but never truly got the credit. Bill sets out to put that right.

Wallace was not only a bug collector; he survived pirate attacks, boating disasters and malarial fevers to bring more knowledge of the world to science. He formulated the theory of evolution independently of Darwin, but doesn’t find the same place in history textbooks.

Bill Bailey is in Indonesia, where the boggle-eyed tarsier (a monkey with a rather striking Mohawk) and spectacular birds of paradise can be found in the deep jungle. Bill attempts to trace the process by which Wallace cracked evolution, and thereby bringing much-deserved credit to this remarkable field-researcher.

Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero – Saturday at 5.30 pm on BBC Two