Preview: Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero

Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero
Bill gets to grips with a little orange friend, one of many surprise guests. Photo: BBC

In an attempt to retrace the steps of his hero, Victorian naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, Bill Bailey visits the jungles of Indonesia, and the deep green sea that is home to some of the most complex ecosystems on earth.

Wallace, who came up with the theory of evolution independently of Darwin, was brilliant and eccentric (rather like our host) and made his way in the jungle, surviving there just to document the life he saw.

He has largely been written out of history today, but the self-made and funded Wallace was hugely influential in our understanding of nature. In this two part series, Bill goes to the jungles of Borneo and encounters orang-utans, flying frogs and extraordinary bugs.

Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero – Saturday at 4pm on BBC Two