Preview: Boris Johnson – Fit To Be Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson

On the eve of the Conservative leadership race announcement, with Boris Johnson the bookies’ favourite to win, many people are asking: is he fit to be Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson’s adversaries say he is an opportunist, and question his temperament and integrity. His supporters say that he has the ability to succeed and that his personal life shouldn’t come into it, and they judge him on how he’s conducted himself in his previous high-level political roles.

In this unauthorised, uncensored documentary, Channel 4 follows Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson during his time as Foreign Secretary in 2017.

Channel 4 News Political Editor Gary Gibbon looks at how our most unlikely chief diplomat attempted to carve out a reputation as a world statesman. What does Johnson’s time in high office reveal about whether he has what it takes to lead on the national stage?

Boris Johnson – Fit To Be Prime Minister? – Monday at 11.00pm on Channel 4.