Preview: Born Famous – Gordon Ramsay

Born Famous - Gordon and Jack Ramsay

They lead lives of privilege as the offspring of celebrities, but how would life have played out if they hadn’t been born famous? Award-winning chef and TV host Gordon Ramsay, Spice Girl Mel B, former Manchester United and England footballer Paul Ince, and entrepreneur Michelle Mone, have all been hugely successful in their respective fields. From humble beginnings they have made their own way in the world with a desire to succeed forged in their childhoods. Their children, however, have lived a life of luxury and privilege.

In this episode, Jack Ramsay discovers what life could have been like had his dad Gordon not become a world-famous chef. Gordon Ramsay was born near Glasgow with a working-class background. He lived on 18 different council estates before the family settled in Bretch Hill, Oxfordshire, when he was in his teens. What will Jack’s verdict be on his time in Bretch Hill, and does he think Dad would still make it if he lived there today?

Born Famous – Gordon Ramsay – Monday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.