Preview: Born Famous

Born Famous - Phoenix

Last week’s opener featuring Gordon Ramsay’s son Jack, showed that in spite of huge wealth and privilege he was actually pretty well-grounded and had a more empathetic understanding than his father of the challenges facing young unemployed people in Banbury.  

Will the same apply as the daughter of Mel (Scary Spice) B swaps Beverly Hills for Hyde Park – no, not the exclusive W1 London post code but the Leeds borough where her mum grew up?

Phoenix is 20, visits the house where her mum grew up and spends time with her aunt Danielle and grandma Andrea, and they catch up on what life was like for the family when the girls were younger, with Andrea taking on extra jobs to pay for Mel’s singing lessons.

Phoenix does a shift in the same pizza chain where her mum worked as a teenager and finds out more about the community and its large student population before chatting with a group of skaters and zero-hours workers.

Born Famous – Monday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.