Preview: Born to Kill

Born to Kill

Episode two of the drama about a seriously dysfunctional young chap. Last week’s opener introduced us to the charismatic but equally disturbing Sam (Jack Rowan) the teenager with a well-rehearsed stock of sob stories and half truths designed to illicit sympathy and win attention and trust. Sam is a liar, he is also a sociopath. He hangs around his mother’s workplace (a hospital) with morbid fascination in death – until he goes one step too far and murders one of the elderly patients.

Now he must tread carefully as an investigation into the death of the man and his presence on the premises at the time are questioned. Sam, though, can only hold his urges in check for so long and after his friend Oscar’s awkward contradiction of one of his fantasy tales, he calls time on their friendship. Oh dear, look out Oscar.

Born to Kill – Thursday 9.00pm on Channel 4.