Preview – Born to Kill

Richard Coyle as Peter in Born to Kill

The final episode of this superb, disturbing series, which has followed the increasingly menacing behaviour of teenage outsider Sam (played to perfection by Jack Rowan) whose naive fantasy of the father he believed was dead has been upended by revelations that he is alive and well and about to be released from prison as a convicted murderer.    

Events come to a head tonight as manipulative and minacious father Peter (Richard Coyle) continues to connive his way into Sam’s life, while his mother (Romola Garai) attempts to keep her new relationship secret and help the troubled youngster to curb his sociopathic tendencies. But is she too late?

Kate Gartside’s psychological drama has been compulsive viewing these last weeks but the increasing sense of foreboding as father and son draw closer together leaves you thinking that nothing positive can come out of this final hour.

Born to Kill – Thursday 9.00pm on Channel4.

Photo: ©Warren Orchard